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What Is a Nurse Practitioner?

Why Should You Choose Us?

According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP),  

“Nurse practitioners are licensed, independent practitioners who practice in ambulatory, acute, and long-term care as primary and/or specialty care providers. Nurse practitioners assess, diagnose, treat, and manage acute episodic and chronic illnesses. Nurse practitioners are experts in health promotion and disease prevention. They order, conduct, supervise, and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, prescribe pharmacological agents and nonpharmacologic therapies, as well as teach and counsel patients, among other services.

In brief summary, NPs are:

  • Board Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

  • Holds a Master’s or Doctoral Degree

  • Specializes in Family Practice, Acute Care, Women's Health, Psychiatric–Mental Health, Pediatric and many others.

  • Practices autonomously in collaboration with a physician in all 50 States. In the State of New Mexico along with 22 other States, NPs practice independently without physician collaboration.

  • Have prescriptive authority in all 50 States.

  • Provides high quality, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare options

  • Places emphasis on the health and well-being of the whole person

What can NPs do?

  • Write prescriptions for medications including controlled substances.

  • Conduct or order diagnostic tests, such as x-rays.

  • Diagnose and treat injuries, illnesses, and infections.

  • Record and examine a patient’s medical history, symptoms and previous diagnoses.

  • Talk to patients about managing their health, assist in designing treatment plans, and make recommendations for further care as needed.

  • Provide guidance on medications and their possible side effects to patients.

Why choose NPs?

  • Easier access. NPs increase access to care and reduce wait times.

  • More face time. NPs often spend more time with patients.

  • A well-centered approach. NPs have a holistic approach that focuses on wellness.

  • Underserved access. NPs are more likely to serve in provider-shortage areas.

  • Passion for care. NPs are the most satisfied health-care workers in the U.S.

  • Sheer numbers. There will be 64,000 new NPs to choose from in the next 10 years.

  • Excellent care. NPs provide high-quality, evidence-based care including education and health counseling.

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